The Point – November 1954

Edited Under Fr. Leonard Feeney M.I.C.M. — Saint Benedict Center

November, 1954


When the Communists first came to power in Russia, back in 1917, it was generally known, both in Europe and America, that the men who had brought about the revolution, and were then ruling in Russia, were Jews. Before long, however, wealthy and influential Jews in this country determined that such an awareness might well prove disastrous to the cause of Judaism. And thus it happened that Jewish pressure forced all intelligent appraisal of Communism to go underground. Nevermore was it mentioned in our press, our books, our pulpits, or even in our fiery soapbox warnings against the Communist menace, that Communism was a movement fostered and vitalized by the Jews.

The burying of this fact was the opportunity for Communism’s spread. The Christian world was deceived into regarding it as simply a bad philosophy, or an undesirable economic system. The result? In less than forty years, Communism, by political conquest, has become the ruler of half the people of the world, and as an intellectual force, has insinuated itself into the policies and programs that govern most of the other half.

All of the conventional, facile explanations, such as the persuasiveness of Karl Marx’s writings, or the military potential of the Russian people, or the general discontent of the working classes, fail to explain the dynamic and immediate filtering of Communism into every quarter of the globe. The only sufficient explanation, and the true one, is this: Communism was diffused by means of that ancient, international network, the Jewish people.

No one should be tempted to conclude, however, that the Jews adopted Communism because they themselves wanted to live under its regime. Communism was to the Jews an opportune weapon in their centuries-old battle against Christ and His Church. It was a chance to set up that kingdom of this world which they have sought since the time they rejected the spiritual kingdom offered them by their Messias, Jesus, the Crucified King of the Jews.

Communism can never be defeated until we recognize it for what it is. This month, therefore, The Point is printing a portion of the overwhelming, factual indictment of the Jews as the motivating and sustaining force behind the Communist movement.

1. Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, the authors of the Communist Manifesto, and the codifiers of all previous Communist thought, were both Jews.

2. Concerning the “trial revolution” which was staged by the Communists in Russia in 1905, as a preliminary to the successful one of 1917, the New York Zionist paper, The Machabee, wrote, “Revolution in Russia is a Jewish revolution … Jews are the most active revolutionists in the Tsar’s Empire.”

3. Of the fifty-nine members of the Central Committee of the Politburo, which ruled Russia immediately after the Revolution of 1917, fifty-six were Jews.

4. The British White Paper on Bolshevism, presented to Parliament in April, 1919, by order of King George V, contained the following statement: “The immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue now before the world … Unless Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe and the whole world, as it is organized and worked by Jews who have no nationality and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things.”

5. The American Jew, Jacob Schiff, senior partner in the Jewish banking firm of Kuhn, Loeb and Company, financed the printing of Communist propaganda leaflets and arranged for their distribution throughout the Russian Army immediately before the “trial revolution” of 1905. This same American Jew openly boasted, in 1917, that without his financial support, the Communist revolution could never have succeeded in Russia.

6. One of the first official acts of the Communist government of Russia, just one week after it came to power, was to declare anti-semitism a punishable offense against the state, on the grounds that it was “counter-revolution.”

7. American Jewry’s celebrated leader, the late Rabbi Stephen Wise, remarked before his death, “Some, call it Communism. I call it Judaism.”

8. Previous to the 1917 revolution, the Jew, Leon Trotsky (real name, Bronstein) had been delivering speeches in Yiddish on the street corners of New York’s lower East Side, advocating the overthrow of the American government. Just before the Russian Revolution broke out, Trotsky arrived in Moscow with 276 of his East Side disciples.

9. The London Times for March 29, 1919 reported: “One of the most curious features of the Bolshevist movement is the high percentage of non-Russian elements among its leaders. Not less than seventy-five per cent are Jews … Among the minor officials, the number is legion.”

10. In January of 1933, the Jewish Chronicle of London boasted that, “More than one third of all the Jews in Russia have become Soviet Officials.” And two months later the Jewish B’nai B’rith Magazine of New York applauded conditions in the Soviet Union with the statement, “Under the new regime (Bolshevism) it is at last possible to be a real Jew.”

11. In 1935-36, the Communist government’s ambassadors to the following capitals were all Jews: Paris, London, Madrid, Istanbul, Athens, Brussels, Vienna, Tokyo, Oslo, Montevideo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Berlin, Riga and Prague.

12. The Jew, Bela Kun (real name, Cohen) led the Communist revolution in Hungary in the spring of 1919. He murdered twenty thousand Hungarians and crucified sixty-seven Catholic priests. Said Bishop Prohaszka, veteran of the Communist domination in Hungary, “We proclaim to the world that we cannot endure the indefinite Jewish usurpation, and we shall get rid of it.”

13. In the February 4, 1937 issue of G. K.’s Weekly, the noted Catholic historian, Hilaire Belloc, wrote, “As for anyone who does not know that the present revolutionary Bolshevist movement in Russia is Jewish, I can only say that he must be a man who is taken in by the suppressions of our deplorable Press.”

14. The most recent admitted-editor of the American Communist paper, the Daily Worker, is the Jew, John Gates (real name, Israel Ragenstreif).

15. With even more readers than the Daily Worker is the Morgen Freiheit of New York City, a Communist paper printed entirely in Yiddish.

16. In the Spanish civil war of the mid-thirties, the anti-Franco “Loyalists” were organized and directed by Communist Jews, under the leadership of Moses Rosenberg and Bela Kun. An editorial printed in the Morgen Freiheit states quite clearly that, “The war that is fought today in Spain is wider than the Spanish territory. It is of life and death significance for the Jews of the world.”

17. The New York Jew, Alexander Bittelman, said in his book, The Jewish People Face the Post-War World, published in 1945, “If not for the Red Army, there would be no Jews in Europe today, nor in Palestine, nor in Africa; and in the United States the length of our existence would be counted in days …. The Soviet Union has saved the Jewish people.”

18. Every time our government uncovers a nest of subversive Communists, the majority of those apprehended are invariably Jews. Examples: Eleven Communists, who formed what was called the “American Politburo,” were arrested in the much-publicized “Eugene Dennis Case”; six of these eleven were Jews. Later taken into custody was the twenty-one man organization which had been formed to replace the previously arrested eleven. Of these twenty-one Communists, fourteen were Jews.

19. Of the famous “Hollywood Ten,” who were convicted of contempt of Congress for refusing to explain their Communist connections, nine were Jews. Additional Hollywood Jews who have been cited as Communist-sympathizers include: Charlie Chaplin (real name, Thonstein), Edward G. Robinson (real name, Rosenberg), Melvyn Douglas (real name, Hesselberg), Douglas Fairbanks (real name, Ullman), Judy Holiday (real name, Tuvim), Danny Kaye (real name, Kaminsky).

20. The supreme leader of the Communist party in the United States (the boss behind Earl Browder, Eugene Dennis, etc.) was the Jew, Gerhardt Eisler. Chief assistant to Eisler was the Jew, J. Peters (real name, Goldherger).

21. Since World War II, eleven Communists have been convicted of espionage activities in the United States. Ten of these were Jews.

22. The Report of the Canadian Royal Commission on Communist activities, in 1946, read, in part, “It is significant that a number of documents from the Russian Embassy specifically note ‘Jew’ or ‘Jewess’ in entries on their relevant Canadian agents or prospective agents, showing that the Russian Fifth Column leaders attach particular significance to this matter.”

23. A raid by Federal agents on the Pittsburgh Jewish Cultural Center in July of 1953 revealed that the place was the Communist training headquarters for western Pennsylvania. And in April of this year, another such raid uncovered the fact that the Miami Jewish Cultural Center was actually a front for the distribution of Communist propaganda.

24. The Jews can always be counted on to oppose any curbs or restrictions which are directed against Communists or Communism. Example: When the present Jewish Senator from New York, Herbert Lehman, was Governor of the State, a bill was passed resoundingly by the legislature prohibiting any Communist to hold office in the State government. This was not hypothetical legislation. The bill was aimed at known Communists then holding high positions in New York State. When the bill arrived at Governor Lehman’s desk, he promptly vetoed it.

25. Similarly, the Jews will always attack any man who shows himself to be a true and determined enemy of Communists. This is done not only by individual Jews, but with equal dependability by the powerful Jewish organizations, whose attacks on anti-Communism are always by way of saving the public from “Hysteria!” or “Demagoguery!” or “Witch hunts!”

Occasionally, when a man has been particularly effective in fighting Communists, the Jews will even label him as “anti-semitic” — thereby revealing the Communist-Jewish tie-up which for so many years it has been their policy to keep well hidden. Example: Recently, when forty-two employees at Fort Monmouth were fired as loyalty risks, and thirty-eight of the forty-two turned out to be Jews, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League screamed, “Anti-semitism!” at the American Army in general and at the responsible officer in particular.

The foregoing twenty-five items are but a sampling of the irrefutable case against the Jews. But in one final matter we must caution our readers. Though the Jews are behind Communism, they are not committed to it. The cause to which they are essentially bound is not pro-Communism. It is, rather, anti-Christianity. Communism is merely their weapon of the moment.

Therefore, it is possible that Jews will be seen opposing Communism. Should this happen, it may be that such opposition is only a diversional move, calculated to throw the Gentiles off the track. It may be, however, that the Jews will have found that Communism has lost its effectiveness, and they are dropping it in favor of some new, more useful tool. In that event, Communism would decline into being just another political-economic movement, an abandoned child obliged to fend for itself.

As long as Communism remains an international menace, however, totally unexplainable by political or economic standards, an insidious, rapacious enemy, more terrible to the Church even than to the state, then we may be sure that the Jews are still behind the Communist movement.


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